Samstag, 8. Oktober 2016

Life update - what Bergen has taught me so far

Hello again!

I've been really busy/lazy and kind of kept forgetting about blogging...
Anyways! As I have been living in Norway now over a month (wow, time flies!)  I thought I'd post a little update on things I have discovered so far! Here we go - (ノ・ェ・)ノ

☂ Norwegians like to put sour cream on pizza.
Yes, you read correctly... I had a slight "WTF" moment when I witnessed that for the first time and initially I thought it was mayo so I didn't try it... They put all kinds of sauces on top of their pizza, but sour cream really stood out to me. Also thought that every Italian would turn around in his grave at the thought of sour cream being put on pizza x')

☂ Talking about pizza - let me share the weirdest pizza experience of my life so far:
Once a month uni orders pizza for the attendees of a seminary which I think is pretty great. There was even a gluten-free pizza and I went for that one as it was the only one that everyone was sure about not containing any meat.

I wonder what the company was thinking when making such a pizza ...
My guess is: "Oh, you want your pizza gluten-free? Ok, uhm so have this weird-ass combo pizza - here you go"

I'm not even exaggerating. There were cashew nuts, spring onions and pineapple on the pizza and some more stuff I couldn't define - but it was super spicy!! And nuts on pizza? Hello? It wasn't the worst pizza ever but definitely a shock to my system XD

☂ They like mayo too. Everywhere.
My Norwegian friend Hanne always complained to me how there's mayo in seemingly everything in Norway. Now I see - she' right! I had sushi and there was mayo in it and I was like "Hi mayo, what's your business here?" One of my coworkers also puts mayo on top of her mackerel topping for her knekkebrød (crispbread) which is apparently also really typical.

☂ There are nice busdrivers in this country.
A very rare species which has never been sighted in Vienna before Σ(・口・)
I even got a private bus ride once! I just asked the busdriver into which direction he was going and as it was the end of his route and he was going to go downtown anyways he offered to take me with him. How cool is that?????

☂ People get drunk regularly even though alcohol is shit expensive. I don't get how they do it xD I usually don't drink - I just like to have a cider or a beer every few months - so this doesn't really bother me personally; still I was surprised at the amount of drunk people I saw on a Friday night on the bus home.

☂ (At least in Bergen) The buses are crap in the afternoon.
No bus is going to plan, there are loads of people and a lot of traffic ... and no, it's not displayed anywhere. I had the traffic app on my phone for a few days but deleted it again as it never shows whether busses are on time or not. This showed me how actually on-time and reliable the public transport is in Vienna.

☂ Most cheeses don't taste like anything.
So sad if you get your hands on cheese and then there's no taste to it. What more can I say?

I guess that's all that comes to my mind right now!

So far I really like the place I am working at and I am getting more and more confident in my abilities in the lab. In the beginning I was always super clumsy and nervous, but I feel like that's slowly passing by. My coworkers and supervisors are really nice people and I'm happy that they have been so welcoming.

I also found some new friends here. This is so important and I'm so grateful for it. ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ
Thanks to them I have gone hiking, explored places in the woods I would have never found on my own and many more things. In the last month I went to an orchestral fantasy song concert, to a comic convention, to two cozy cafés, a spontaneous hike, a movie night...

I'm starting to really feel somewhat at home here and I like that.
Also I've started to do simple vlogs on my YT channel. I haven't uploaded much as I just switched editing programme and I yet have to get used to it and therefore my editing progress is very slow (^^ゞ
My laptop hasn't been too well. It's getting old (6 years now!) and bluescreened on me last week, then the shut down function was unavailable and the right click button has given up on functioning aswell... so yeah... I hope it holds on a little longer 〈(゜。゜)

What I miss most are my cats, my friends, my wardrobe and the prices
੨( ・᷄ ︵・᷅ )シ
Everything is so ridiculously expensive here and I just want to get myself some nice food from time to time and it hurts my wallet pretty badly...

I also really miss my fellow lolitas!! There is only one lolita in this town and we haven't met up yet. I don't know of any lolitas in Norway except for her. I don't think there are any for whatever reason? Being a lonely lolita isn't as much fun as I miss meeting up and have nice outings in our frills...

That's all for now ♥
If you've managed to plow through this massive wall of text I congratulate you- and thank you for reading all of my blabber :D

See you soon! (ღ′◡‵)


  1. So funny to read that they put sour cream on their pizza! Never heard of that one before XD
    It seems that you are having a great time there even though you miss the things from home. Are their many lolitas where you live in Austria?

    1. I am! I have really come to like this city a lot. Yes, as I usually live in the capital of Austria, Vienna, there is quite a nicely-sized group of lolitas - probably around 15 people. That's why it's a big change for me to be practically "alone" here ^^ How are things where you live?

  2. It is good to hear you like it there!
    I cannot imagine putting sour cream on my pizza and mayo everywhere o.O
    I did not expect the Norwegian traffic to be that random..Vienna is not that bad after all I guess^^
    Looking forward to your reports!

  3. I guess they arrange some small trips to Frederikshavn to get cheap refreshments.
    And maybe food. The only thing I remember about nowergian cheese is myseost, which I only remember I don't like.
    Not sure I would like nuts on my pizza. Or mayo..

  4. Haha what you write reminds me so much of my experiences in Finland XD Like many people there put ketchup on their pizza.... and the bus drivers are nice there too, but people don't seem to think that way. So I kept thinking "Maybe it's just in comparison to the extremely rude ones in Austria that I think it's really nice that they wish you a good morning", hehe.
    It seems like you're really having a great time, sounds great! :D All the best, and when you come back, let's go to Little Britain sometime ♥