Freitag, 1. Mai 2015

Le portrait de Marie

Hello there!

 I've had quite a busy week so far! Today I wrote my first exam for this semester and it went really well (I'm so relieved it did!). Still, I have a second VERY big one coming up on Tuesday, so no rest for the wicked!

Besides all the studying I recieved a lovely parcel this week!
Let me tell you a little story first.

After having spent trizillions of hours in front of my laptop gawking at this dress and whining over the expenses I would have to make and tossing and turning it over again and again... one year had passed and I still hadn't bought that dress.

Just recently I finally thought 'OK, I can afford it, I will buy it as soon as I have time.' and then lab week came up and I was all buried in work again. After that week was over I went online to buy it and... it was sold out.

...        (;へ:)   *eternal sadness*