Dienstag, 9. Juni 2015

✵ Music Discoveries : No Frills Twins ✵

Back again!

This time with a series that I'd like to start doing on this blog.
Say hello to 'Music Discoveries' !

Whenever I find time to do so and am energetic enough I like to roam around the internet, on the lookout for fresh, good music!

It happens quite often that I get hooked on some good new stuff  - and this I'd like to share.
Time to spread some music! (•ˇ‿ˇ•)

...onto tonight's catch!

Stumbled across them while browsing through YouTube and now I can't stop listening:


June, a true Lolita Event Month

Hello hello again!

I'm really lucky this month it seems - even though I'm kind of buried in exams and studies there are some Lolita related events happening in June about which I'm really excited! (* >ω<)

1. Last weekend was the summer season's International Lolita Day!

2. I'm going to attend the Grand Lolita Tea Party in Hamburg from 19-20th of June!

3. On the 28th some Austrian Lolitas will travel to Gmund, where we will take a boat trip and go out for some delicious food together!

 I'm SO excited about all of them!