Sonntag, 8. Juni 2014

Happy International Lolita Day!


On 7th of June again International Lolita Day had arrived!
Some of the local Lolitas had decided to meet up and I was happy I could join in too!

 credit for this picture goes to the lovely Varis Varjo !

We met up at Minoritenplatz and took some pictures at the church, because it offered a pretty background!

I had decided to go for sweet this time!
The dress once belonged to a friend of mine, I've always admired it and now, a couple of years later, it is part of my wardrobe ;)

It was really hot outside, so the cotton fabric was definitely the perfect choice!

I also always enjoy when I am able to show my tattoo while wearing lolita! 
(Makes me feel all badass, haha :P)

Meet-Up Time!

Hello there!

Once again I'm a biiit late with things but today I'd like to tell you a bit about two lolita meet ups we had in Vienna!

The first one took place on 12th of April!

This was a rather spontaneous meet-up  - it basically came to be because Annie, a lolita new to our community, wanted to get to know the local lolitas.

We met in the early afternoon at the Hofmobiliendepot and took some pictures in the area in front of the museum.

The exhibition was called 'Böse Dinge' and displayed all sorts of curious items which people had collected over time and of which most never have had any practical use to them.

Donnerstag, 5. Juni 2014

Life Update: cakes, bands and dresses!

Hello hello,

It has been a little quiet around here recently, but at least I'm not letting this blog die off completely xD
I'm in the middle of my preparations for taking entrance exams, so I don't have much time to do anything else - except when some special occasions occur!

Last weekend two of my bandmates from Daedric Tales celebrated their birthdays and I decided to surprise them by baking cupcakes and a cake for their party.

I tried working with fondant for the first time and it was rather giving me a hard time, being all bitchy and tearing on the edges of the cake, so I had to take it off the cake again and smooth th edges out completely.

The end result looked like this: