Freitag, 23. August 2013

There and back again...

Hello there ! :)

About a month ago I had a look at this blog and was quite shocked how fast time has actually been passing by!
My last post has been in May... unbelievable. =_=

I've always been one of those super busy people, but even then I could always maintain blogging in the past (on my other personal blog at least).

Summer is always one of the busiest times of the year for me.
Although I don't have to go to university, I have loads to do.
I work full time and travel a lot usually.
Also I have stuff to do with both of the bands in which I'm taking part.

In July I've been to Italy for a week and working for the 3 remaining weeks.
I had a great time relaxing on the beach and regaining energy before returing to the office.

In August I totally outdid myself with traveling! :)
My aunt in Germany celebrated her wedding, so I spent a weekend in Düsseldorf.
The following weekend I went with my best friend to see the city of Salzburg.

Last week I took two days off from work, luckily there was also a national holiday, so I had 6 days off ! Together with a bunch of friends I went to a metal festival in Germany, called Summer Breeze.
Entirely worth it and full of (drunken) awesomeness! ;)

I also took a looooooooot of pictures during the past months...
So you know what that means - I'll have a lot of material to post! ^^

Now there's only one week of work to go! I'll have the whole September off!
Time to study Physics & Maths, prepare myself for university, work out... and travel :B

See you soon & thank you for reading,