Sonntag, 12. Mai 2013

Summer Vibe

Hello there!

It's May already and all summery outside!

Again this post will be a proof of how slow I actually am with finishing films and developing them...

This film I shot between (I think at least) June and September 2012.

The pictures cover the time when I got to know Daedric Tales, when we started recording our EP, when I went to Paris in summer, when I celebrated my birthday and when my (then) newly moved in flatmate had her moving-in party.

Just sayin': I looove this film.

So far in my opinion this film is my best!

All the shádes of black and white that this film holds, I love them so much.
It gives kind of an elegant feeling to the pictures.
And I love that when you take pictures of drinks the glass looks so fogged.

There are still 2 more of those films that are in cameras right now and are waiting to be finished!

What kind of equipment did I use?

Camera: Fisheye No. 1 (Hello Kitty Edition)
Film: 35mm,  Lomography's Lady Grey ISO 400

So far so good !

I hope to deliver some fun updates soon !
(maybe another vlog too, who knows? :))

Good night or good day wherever you are !