Freitag, 23. August 2013

There and back again...

Hello there ! :)

About a month ago I had a look at this blog and was quite shocked how fast time has actually been passing by!
My last post has been in May... unbelievable. =_=

I've always been one of those super busy people, but even then I could always maintain blogging in the past (on my other personal blog at least).

Summer is always one of the busiest times of the year for me.
Although I don't have to go to university, I have loads to do.
I work full time and travel a lot usually.
Also I have stuff to do with both of the bands in which I'm taking part.

In July I've been to Italy for a week and working for the 3 remaining weeks.
I had a great time relaxing on the beach and regaining energy before returing to the office.

In August I totally outdid myself with traveling! :)
My aunt in Germany celebrated her wedding, so I spent a weekend in Düsseldorf.
The following weekend I went with my best friend to see the city of Salzburg.

Last week I took two days off from work, luckily there was also a national holiday, so I had 6 days off ! Together with a bunch of friends I went to a metal festival in Germany, called Summer Breeze.
Entirely worth it and full of (drunken) awesomeness! ;)

I also took a looooooooot of pictures during the past months...
So you know what that means - I'll have a lot of material to post! ^^

Now there's only one week of work to go! I'll have the whole September off!
Time to study Physics & Maths, prepare myself for university, work out... and travel :B

See you soon & thank you for reading,


Sonntag, 12. Mai 2013

Summer Vibe

Hello there!

It's May already and all summery outside!

Again this post will be a proof of how slow I actually am with finishing films and developing them...

This film I shot between (I think at least) June and September 2012.

The pictures cover the time when I got to know Daedric Tales, when we started recording our EP, when I went to Paris in summer, when I celebrated my birthday and when my (then) newly moved in flatmate had her moving-in party.

Just sayin': I looove this film.

So far in my opinion this film is my best!

All the shádes of black and white that this film holds, I love them so much.
It gives kind of an elegant feeling to the pictures.
And I love that when you take pictures of drinks the glass looks so fogged.

There are still 2 more of those films that are in cameras right now and are waiting to be finished!

What kind of equipment did I use?

Camera: Fisheye No. 1 (Hello Kitty Edition)
Film: 35mm,  Lomography's Lady Grey ISO 400

So far so good !

I hope to deliver some fun updates soon !
(maybe another vlog too, who knows? :))

Good night or good day wherever you are !

Samstag, 6. April 2013

Wie in den guten alten Zeiten

Hej everyone!

Yesterday afternoon another Daedric Tales rehearsal took place and there was a lot to do!
We had lots of parcels to unpack, because a new mixer and other equipment we had ordered had arrived! the whole studio looked like a huge mess - empty cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and plastic lying around everywhere!

And that was just not only chaos,
no - this was a perfect scenery for the usual Daedric Tales madness to take place!

See for yourself...

Everything began with Yra hiding in one of the boxes! 
Here he looks like a dinosaur baby which just broke out of his shell, hahah.

Yra: 'Come on! Grab your instruments and let's sit in the box!'

Matze got wrapped up in bubble wrap and was being punched by Daniel and Alex while Yra kept observing the operation 'torturing Matze' closely xD

Yra and Matze found pieces of polystyrene and turned them into cup holders which they can use for festivals. Another artistic pose and voilà !


As you can see it never gets boring with Daedric Tales around! ;)

(Seriously, if I'd take a picture every time some madness is going on I think I'd be able to fill up a trizillion albums in a few months xD)

But this means - you will be able to enjoy DT madness first hand!


What kind of equipment did I use?

Camera: Fuji Instax mini 7s

Film: Fujifilm Instax mini


Thanks for stopping by!

See you soon! :)

Von kühler Quelle bis warmer Schwelle


Just stumbled over some photo material I had actually scanned already last year,

but hadn't posted any of it, so I totally forgot about its existence.

The following film has been shot during spring and summer 2012.

I remember that when I went to pick up my then newly developed films from the lab I felt super excited and the anticipation almost killed me...

And then the first one I had a look at was the black&white film (I posted that one earlier in (Hasenherz und Rabenauge)) and it hadn't turned out at all how I had been expecting and my mood rushed downwards immediately.

This one here was the second film I got that day and it also didn't fulfill my expectations entirely. But now I'm more and more happy about the moments I managed to capture!

What kind of equipment did I use?

Camera: Lomography's Diana F+ in the special edition 'Glow'.

Film120 mm, Lomography's Color Negative ISO 400.


I'll have some new stuff to share!

Got my films for my Fuji Instax mini 7s and already started shooting! :D

Thank you for reading! :)

Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013

A new year and a new post !

Hello there !

It's quite late for a first post of the year, but let's not mind that ;)

(Better late then never is what I tend to say...)

So... this blog is still active !
(even though it didn't really seem that way during the past months but OK)

I'll try to blog more this year, because I actually really like blogging,
let's see how well this will work out !


So I have some  interesting news for you today:

I'd like to introduce one of my current bands,
called Daedric Tales.

We're a Symphonic Power Metal band from Vienna
and I'm their vocalist.

You can find us on:



(Please visit and share ! :))

AND we play our first live in Vienna on the
27th of April 2013.

Location: AERA
               (Gonzagagasse 11 Vienna, AT 1010)

(flyer by Tamás Künsztler)

Be sure to attend !

This will be an event you won't want to miss out on !!!

See you there ! :D

Thank you for reading !


Have a good night or day - wherever you are ! :)