Montag, 17. September 2012

Through not only rose-tinted spectacles

Long time no blog update !

But there's some good news: I've got a scanner again ! (YAY :D)

My brother was so sweet to give me one as a present for my birthday !!!

So beware, I'm able to picspam this blog to my liking again !!! >:D

Just after I got my new dear scanner, I ran out and about to get some of my films developed.

Therefore on today's menu there is a fisheye in colour.

Enjoy ! ;)

As I look through those pictures I've come to realize that it took me almost 5 months to finish shooting this film.

It's just true that if you have a lot of sunlight your pictures turn out absolutely magnificent.
And I have the habit of wanting to shoot on special occasions, so sometimes I have to wait forever if the weather is behaving inconvenient and there are no occasions coming up haha ;)

But I'm glad to have captured so many great moments with my friends that I enjoyed.
And there are even 2 birthdays caught on film, super cool !

And of course - how could it be otherwise - lots of pictures of food and drinks :)

What kind of equipment did I use ?

Camera: Lomography's Fisheye No. 1, Hello Kitty Special Edition.

Film: 35 mm, dm's Paradies Universalfilm, ISO 200.


I've got two more developed sets of photographs that are stored in my drawer, waiting to be scanned - as always I'll be honestly sharing my glory and failure in analogue photography

- so stay tuned ! :)


Now before I leave again, I have to serve a little bit of dessert:

Two slices of Impossible Polaroid.


Thank you for reading !