Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

Die Welt durchs Bullauge.

Finally I have managed to bring myself to scan some of the new pictures :)

My flatmate moved out and took the scanner with her, so I had to act quickly !!

So here I present my first fisheye film !

Using the fisheye for the first time, I'm mostly content with how the film turned out.
Although it seems that one really has to be careful when it comes to using the flash indoors - that flash is tremendously strong !!!

Maybe I should try to shoot before the flash is fully loaded to achieve a moderate lightning ?

As always - the pictures in pure sunshine turned out to be the best !

This film is all about my lazy cat Vivaldi, my friends, food ... & including some pictures from when my friend Hanne from Norway came to visit me in Vienna :)

The next fisheye film is almost finished (just about 6 pictures left), so I'm again in a state of curiosity...

What kind of equipment did I use ?

Camera: Lomography's Fisheye No. 1, Hello Kitty Special Edition.

Of course it wasn't possible for me to NOT buy this cutest of all cameras :D
Hello Kitty addiction calling hur hur :B

Film: 35 mm, dm's Paradies Universalfilm, ISO 200.


For summer I'm planning on getting a redscale film, somehow I feel that this will fit the summer mood perfectly :D

Just have to decide if I should get the intense redscale in 120 mm that I could only use with my Diana F+ ...OR the Extended Range Redscale in 35 mm and use it with both fisheye & Diana F+ ,but having less of the redness due to the extended range ...

... decisions ! ;)

... That's it again !

Hope you enjoyed reading !